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    Josh Fender


    • If you want to improve your current desktop or laptop computer, I can upgrade your system to give you more storage space or make it run faster or smoother. If your computer isn’t in working order, I can trouble shoot and repair the issues to make it useful again. Finally, if you want a customized computer, I can build a computer system specialized for anything you want: from just surfing the web to working with office productivity software to high end gaming or anything in between.

    • Operating Systems:

    • I can install, upgrade, and troubleshoot various operating systems, including WIndows XP, WIndows Vista, WIndows 7, Linux Ubuntu, and Mac OSX.

    • External Components:

    • I can install whatever external components you might have, like printers, scanners, speakers, and external hard drives. After configuring the components for you, I can also teach you how to use the them.

    • Networking:

    • I can install and configure cable modems and wireless network adapters. I can also help you gain easier access to your files and printers by linking your computers and other devices into a home network.

    • Home Theaters:

    • To enhance your home theater experience, I can install surround sound systems, video players, DVRs, and gaming equipment and then show you how to use them.

    • Web Design:

    • I can create and maintain a unique website for either personal or organizational use.
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    For more information about my services, pricing, or to schedule an appointment you can reach me by phone, email, or on facebook.

    Phone: (812) 269-2761
    Email: josh@fenderdigital.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/FenderDigitalServices